Elliptical LED Diffusers

E-Series Asymmetric Diffusers

E-Series elliptical diffusers spread asymmetrically – more strongly in one direction than the other. They are used to diffuse a line of LEDs into a smooth line or to blend adjacent fluorescent lamps. They are also used to provide optimum spreading in wall-wash, linear, and cove applications.Because diffusion is only applied along one direction, efficiency can be even higher than C-Series diffusers. Bright View’s unique design causes less scalloping than other approaches, giving a smoother visual result.

Hides LEDs at
distance of
Diffuser Strength
(higher numbers are
more diffusive)
Efficiency in
typical LED
E-6010 1 : 1
60 x 10 91 - 95 % Mixes lines of LEDs, and homogenizes fluorescent lamps. Also excellent for wall wash, cove, specialty
 E-1560 1 : 1
15 x 60
  90 - 95 %
 E-3060 1 : 1
30 x 60
  89 - 93 %
 E-0160 1 : 1
0.3 x 60
  90 - 96 %
 E-0140 1 : 2
0.3 x 40
  91 - 96 %
Others coming soon



Usage Notes:

  • For lamp hiding as pictured above, E-Series diffusers are directional and are generally used with the microstructures facing away from the LEDs or lamps; please try both orientations
  • For light spreading in wall-wash and cove applications, E-Series diffusers are generally used with the microstructures facing toward the LEDs or lamps; please try both orientations
  • Bright View applications engineers can assist with product choices and help your design achieve peak performance 


1Efficiencies are typical; they vary greatly depending on luminaire design. Bright View tests include: commercial 4-inch LED downlight module, linear LED fluorescent tube-replacement, 2’x2’ LED troffer with clear acrylic cover.